Light4 & Capture

Our flagship accounting, timekeeping and expense reporting software redefine productivity and information availability. Strikingly straightforward interfaces provide intuitive gateways to comprehensive accounting, job costing and reporting power. And our applications welcome users of all experience levels.

Data input and system maintenance efforts are minimized. Quality output is maximized. Reports and data are instantly delivered to the PC and Mac desktops of authorized users as well as their iOS and Android devices...Goodbye complexity.


We’ve taken Light4 and configured and priced it for startups and newer operations. Not a “watered-down" version, but the same complete solution. Yes, unlimited employees, projects and more. We wouldn’t think of offering bold operations anything less...Add Time Capture for DCAA savvy timekeeping.

Delivered with a proven chart of accounts and more, you’ll be up-and-running (and audit-ready) almost instantly. It’s ultimately approachable...and smart. Discover it all in your demo of our new LightSTORMd app, for all iOS 6-8 devices exclusively.

Capture for Professionals

For independent professionals we offer our Capture family of iOS native apps. They’ve been designed specifically for iPads (and iPhones) and deliver desktop-class performance. Licenses also include companion PC and Mac desktop apps.

Experience uncompromising timekeeping, expense reporting and billing functionality with full DCAA compliance. You’ll record, analyze, bill and collect faster and better than ever....A “NeatDesk” super-alternative that truly “gets things done”. View documentation, download a free demo or buy now.

Smart Licensing Options

Flexible licensing options make sense.

Supplementing our standard permanent licensing, we’ve added annual licensing options for Light4, Capture and LightSTORM. And we provide annual licensors with generous credits toward later purchases of permanent licenses.

LightSTORM’s power and entry-level pricing will relieve most of considering QuickBooks and Deltek and their patch-
work of priced add-ons. And for current Deltek users, we have Light4 upgrade offers...The smart choice just got easier.

As It Should Be: Accounting Data is Secure, Accessible...and You Own It.

Your CCAS accounting data can be protected with AES 256-bit encryption wherever it lives: whether hosted on a server, accessed by a client, or when at rest in a static state. Combined with strong CCAS user account access and permissions controls, you can be confident that your data is as secure as it can be. And because you’ll own them, you’re free to move your Light4 or LightSTORM applications to the “Cloud" of your choosing.

Startup? DCAA concerns? Get in front of the power curve…and stay there.

Consider LightSTORMd for the latest Apple iOS devices.

LightSTORMd QC Home 1228

All that Light4 delivers to desktops is now available in our new app that runs exclusively on the latest iOS 6-8 devices. Your accounting data will be accessible anywhere and anytime - and at the lowest, annually renewable, cost you’ll find.

No "Cloud", servers, scanners, other software, or anything else to rely upon. Just you, your data, and your iOS device. Backup your data to Dropbox, rename your files and retrieve, share, or email them as you choose. Whether yours is a commercial operation or is government contracts focused - or both - LIghtSTORMd gets the job done like nothing else.

A new standard for start-up and small business accounting has arrived. Get the free 30-day demo: run it now.

The Contracting Cycle Continues: Bid..Win..Perform..Bid...

All CCAS's applications (including LightSTORMd) are GAAP and DCAA compliant solutions that help insure that:

Your contract win is awarded without delay.
You are always ready to track, report and support, and accurately invoice project costs and expenses.
You are always DCAA audit and - with a single button click - Incurred Cost Submission ready.
Your key balance sheet accounts are quickly and easily reconciled, fully supported by detailed reports.
You stay ready to aggressively bid on any new or follow-on work.

Upgrade Now. Freedom from the Underperforming and Overpriced Is Here.

Our line of products and licensing options makes our software affordable for all users. Affordable enough that our pricing fairly challenges our competition’s cost “reasonableness”: per the FAR, “a cost..that does not exceed that which would be incurred by a prudent person in the conduct of competitive business.” Yet, there are other considerations…

Whether from vendors ranging from Intuit to Deltek - the underperforming and the overpriced - our software exceeds them all. With no add-on requirements whatsoever, what we offer is a field-proven, GAAP and DCAA compliant solution that’s complete, approachable and easily managed from the start. Our license agreement won’t insist that we “share" in your success, but will instead assure our software’s performance to help you achieve it. And our support is second to none.

We have special offers for all Deltek users (and users of software of competing vendors). An example: we’ll replace your Deltek Costpoint software for the lower of our standard license fees or your annual software maintenance and support fees…The massive savings realized could certainly be applied elsewhere.

Request the details, schedule an online demo, or get your free LightSTORMd demo for all iOS 8 devices…

DCAA and all auditors, CPA’s, consultants and SBA: you’re invited as well!

Good Software
Easing administrative burdens and contributing to productivity are the cornerstones of good software and systems. While some would have it that these attributes suggest excellence, we see them as fundamental qualities: why else software and systems? CCAS software goes a full step further, supporting less experienced staff in their advancement and freeing seasoned staff to focus on what they do best, and this with unrivaled cost-effectiveness. It's that simple.

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