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For Government and Commercial Contractors, Professionals and Service-Focused Businesses.

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Our flagship accounting, timekeeping and expense reporting software redefine productivity and information availability. Reports and data are instantly delivered to PC and Mac desktops of authorized users and their iOS devices…Fast. Easy. Goodbye complexity.

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LightSTORM Home

A single-user version of Light4 priced for growing companies. It’s the same complete solution that includes bank and credit card transaction importing and features only available as addons elsewhere…And there’s also LightSTORMd, our App for the latest iOS devices exclusively.

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Capture for Pros

Created for Professionals and Consultants and their iOS devices. Uncompromising timekeeping, expense reporting and invoicing Apps will have them reporting, billing and collecting faster and better than ever. Companion PC and Mac desktop applications are included.

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CCAS Options

Annual licensing options for Light4, Capture and LightSTORM are now available. Our completeness and fair pricing provides relief from the overpriced and underperforming software of our competitors - as well as freedom from their patchwork of priced addons.

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Get and stay in front of the accounting and compliance curve.
(your bonus pool and bottom line will surely respond)

All CCAS applications are highly cost-effective GAAP and DCAA compliant solutions that help insure that:

Your contract win is awarded without delay.
You are always ready to track, report and support, and accurately invoice project costs and expenses.
You are always DCAA audit and - with a single button click - Incurred Cost Submission ready.
Your key balance sheet accounts are quickly - nearly automatically - reconciled and supported by detailed reports.
You stay ready to aggressively - and most importantly, accurately - bid on any new or follow-on work.

CCAS Light & Capture: Compliance-Savvy Stalwarts.

The most important standards our software attempts to uphold are yours. This idea is fundamental to our work. Because our software focuses on the needs of contractors whose accounting may be subject to rules presented in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) - and enforced by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) and other government agencies - we also make every effort to assure that your compliance with these regulations is complete and as easy and fluid as possible. So easy and fluid - and nearly transparently so - that if you didn't know what to look for, you might not even notice that it's happening.




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CCAS products are…

PC & Mac Native

Run our software on a PC or Mac and - served over your network or the "Cloud" - any combination of them.

iOS & Surface Compatible

Access as a "client" with iOS and Surface devices, or run directly on iOS and fully on Surface Pro devices.

Supported Worldwide

With users located around the globe, our support must follow. The latest technologies help assure this.

Updated Regularly

Software refinements, enhancements and any necessary fixes are delivered regularly.

What We Deliver…

All versions of our Light software are delivered pre-configured with a sample chart of accounts, sample customers and projects, and a sample record for all data types. A sample "Cost Structure" is supplied as well, making it possible to enter your transactions and compute indirect cost rates and prepare Incurred Cost Submissions - with a single-click, complete with supporting proofs - nearly "out-of-the-box".

Because of this, and because we provide eight hours of direct support with all permanent license purchases, your need for outside consulting services to get "up-and-running" is reduced, if not eliminated. Our field-proven sample configuration is just that…a sample: it can be used as-is or modified, or replaced, to satisfy your objectives. Should you decide to employ outside consultants, you're free to provide them with a copy of your software so they can get up-to-speed in no time at all.

The driving notion: controlled costs, maximized efficiency and results…and thing gets done your way. Everyone wins.

What it All Means for Contractors.

Our pricing and new licensing options make our field proven software affordable for all. Affordable enough that cost can no longer be cited as an obstacle to the full accounting compliance and instant and comprehensive financial and job cost reporting capabilities of government contractors. Our minimization of those efforts and costs usually required to get other software operational only strengthens our position. Given this - and based upon thinking consistent with that illustrated by DCAA's guidance on allowable "Airfare" costs - our software's pricing fairly challenges our competition's price "reasonableness": per the FAR, "a cost..that does not exceed that which would be incurred by a prudent person in the conduct of competitive business." …Yet, there are other considerations.

With no add-on requirements whatsoever, we offer a GAAP and DCAA compliant solution that's complete, approachable and easily managed from the start. Our license agreement won't insist that we "share" in your success, but will instead assure our software's performance to help you achieve it. And our support - whenever needed - is second to none.

Contact us for a demo and to discuss your CCAS options towards upgrading your software and operations - and reducing your costs.