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We present Light4, our flagship accounting solution for Windows and Mac - and iOS.

We took our time-tested, field and DCAA audit proven Light3 and trimmed it substantially, streamlined all procedures, implemented an array of new features - and this while maintaining, and enhancing, Light's trademark ease-of-use and performance. Of note:
  • Light4 with CCAS's fully integrated Capture Time & Expense application is provided in three easily managed files. It is "cloud" ready (yours or theirs), and fast.
  • All reports generated by Light4 can now be printed, saved as a PDF file or, for those users granted "Export" privileges, exported as an Excel (.xlsx) file in one step.
  • Single-click/tap access to key financial statements and reports and job costing reports - including Incurred Cost Submissions.
  • Contract billing has been completely re-worked. Users can now bill at any contract level (summary, task or CLIN) as necessary and - at any time - change a Project’s billing hierarchy should circumstances dictate. Speed, appropriately controlled flexibility, and extended options including pro-forma invoices make for a new standard for performance and invoice preparation and delivery.
  • Key reporting, reconciliations, and analyses have been enhanced and "Ad Hoc" reporting sees expanded options resulting in superior reporting and data exporting possibilities.
  • Receipts and other documents (contracts and contract modifications) can be saved with any transaction or "core" entry (such as customer and project records) in a variety of file types - including audio.
  • Light4 is also iOS native: "breakthrough" stuff. It can be accessed with identical functionality and security by the latest iOS devices - iPad, iPhone and iPod touch - with desktop-class performance. This also means that Light4 can be run on the latest iOS devices directly - completely independently - with blazing speed whether you have hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of transactions and items.
Which brings us to another point: Light4 is also available as "LightSTORM”. LightSTORM is Light4, but is designed for single-user access - smaller companies and startups - and specifically for those who would be interested in truly portable, fully secure and full-featured accounting software that's always "ON". And it's priced as such users might expect.

Light4 is ready for action: now, and for years to come. Proven reliability and performance, realistic license pricing, and features and approachability equalling, and surpassing, all completing applications - from the modestly to the most highly priced. Contact us for more information and to schedule your online demo.

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CCAS Light4 and Capture Features

Financial Accounting Overview
Light4 utilizes CCAS's proprietary "Cycle" approach to accounting operations greatly facilitating transaction and data entry, reporting and account analysis.
Shipped with a sample configuration for government contractors, not-for-profit organizations and general businesses.
Customizable financial statements available for any period(s) for which accounting data exists.
Flexible account naming. Use any combination of numbers and letters (up to 14) to build your General Ledger Chart of Accounts.
Ad Hoc (on-the-fly) reporting of transactions of any and all periods with user-customizable criteria selection and data exporting options.
In-line, real-time account histories and analyses.
Real-time cash reporting, analyses, and account reconciliations and check writing.
Built-in reconciliation tools for the key Salaries Payable and Fixed Assets accounts.
Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable with full customer and project invoicing and vendor invoice payment processing.
Purchase Orders processing complete with receiving reporting to Accounts Payable.
Standard and repeating entires fully supported.
Complete payroll accounting and processing (including multiple ACH account deposits) and general personnel administration and fringe benefits management.
Fixed assets with financial and tax depreciation including reporting by asset type and location.
Capture Electronic Timekeeping and Expense Reporting Overview
Capture Web Timekeeping & Expense Reporting, our successor to C'estTime, is Web-based electronic time and expense tracking at its fastest and best. Designed for any organization that needs real-time reporting of employee labor hours expended, labor costs and employee expenses. In particular, it meets the special needs of government contractors whose control over the timekeeping process must be "ironclad".
A field-proven - fast, complete, and straightforward - system for the entry, validation, review and approval of employee time and expense charges.
Ability to constrain employee project/activity selection lists to those scheduled (mapped) by managers.
Project, Division and Executive Manager review and approval of time charges.
Project and Division Manager review and approval of employee expenses.
Built-in email interactivity between employees and managers.
User-configurable automatic employee timesheet completion reminder emails.
Manager's on-line and real-time pay period labor utilization analyses.
Lowest total cost of ownership( TCO); fastest and most stable electronic timekeeper and expense reporter.
Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) approval at CCAS user sites across the US.
FileMaker Server upports more than 100 simultaneous users; fast, easy to use, and easier still to maintain.
Project Cost Accounting Overview
Fully supports both government contract (FAR compliance) and non-government project accounting.
Simple and complex work-breakdown (task) levels and all contract types supported, including cost-plus-fixed-fee (CPFF), time and materials (T&M), and firm-fixed-price (FFP).
Automated single-click billings (including government SF 1034, SF1035 Substitute and DD250), billed and unbilled revenue calculations and generation of related journal entries.
On-demand indirect cost rates calculations and allocations. Proof of your implemented indirect cost rate structure is provided. Fringe Benefits, Overhead (on and off-site), General and Administrative (G&A), and Material Handling rate calculations are supported.
On-demand, single-click, ready-for-filing DCAA Incurred Cost Submissions including indirect cost pool reports.
Supports divisions, cost centers and related indirect cost rate structures.
Full contract budget, backlog and Earned Value (EV) reporting.
Comprehensive government contracts management reports.
Complete payroll, personnel, and labor distribution and utilization analyses.
Supports all pay types and all accepted "uncompensated overtime" options.
Contract administration support.
Exhaustive audit trails.
Fixed assets with financial and tax depreciation including reporting by asset type and location.
General System Features Overview
With the exception of our "Journals" Cycle where the normal accounting conventions apply, the debit and credit aspect of entries are automatically resolved.
User-configurable security by employee, function and "Cycle".
User-definable transaction edit permission controls.
Extensive in-line error-checking and data validation. Drop-down lists and menus reduce the potential for data entry errors.
Built-in transaction "Repair" and data file recovery; one-click "Host" backups and automated file server system backups.
Context-sensitive help provided for all "screens". Supplemental Quick Start documentation in-line and provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
Extensive data exporting and transaction importing capabilities.
System Requirements.
Windows 10; Windows 8 Standard and Pro; Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium; Windows Vista Ultimate, Business, Home (SP 2); and Windows XP Professional, Home Edition (SP3).
Mac OS X 10.6 and greater; Intel-based Mac or Intel Core 2 Duo Macs: 2 GB of RAM; and 1024 x 768 or higher resolution video adapter and display.
See for the latest FiieMaker Pro and FileMaker Server system requirements.
Pricing, Ordering and Software Delivery.
Contact us at your convenience for schedule and on-line demo and to discuss pricing and your licensing options.
Our software is delivered electronically and will be made available to you immediately upon completion of your purchase transaction.
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